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Profim. Коллекция Wall In

Wall In is a modular seating system characterized by simple geometric forms, suitable for spacious and modern interiors such as halls of public buildings and receptions. The collection has been developed to offer a highly versatile mobile sitting configurations, easily rearranged and adjustable. The family comprises poufs, armchairs, tables and linking units (30 and 60 degrees) completed with partition walls upholstered with structural fabric. The wall fulfills a separating function marking out a space perfect for a private conversation. Legs finished off with esthetic, chromed plates are the eye-catching elements of the furniture.

‘To design is to understand people and to offer pragmatic solutions for an enhanced everyday experience, thus the quality of life.

Cooperation with Profim is a relationship of many years, based on our shared passion for creating products of an advanced design and quality.’
Tomek Rygalik, Studio Rygalik


Tomek Rygalik, Studio RygalikWall In designer

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