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Offecct. Коллекция Phoenix

Phoenix, Chair

Luca Nichetto’s new chair Phoenix luminously represents the Lifecircle philosophy that is the soul of Offecct. Every detail of the chair is carefully conceived, thought through, purposefully designed and crafted for a long, sustainable and flexible life cycle. The fruit of this development process is a chair of original elegance and contemporary timelessness. The look of Phoenix is derived from a recycled aluminum frame with a trademark Y-shaped base. The upholstered parts can be easily removed and replaced when needed — or when the client wants a new color or material for novel functions and/or styles. The result is a brand new chair whose used parts are recycled. This perpetual life cycle inspired the name for Phoenix — the bird in antique mythology that keeps rising from its own ashes. “I think the Phoenix is a fine manifesto product for the ambitious Lifecircle ideas we share with Offecct,” says Luca Nichetto. “What I really like is that the idea is based on the extremely strong and flexible structure — that the structure is also the form, almost like a Totem pole. The original idea comes from the Y-shape in the rope or chain in a children’s swing. Without the legs, the chair is actually like a swing.” “This structure allows maximum flexibility from the beginning,” Nichetto adds. “To me, it’s a perfect example of what design is all about — working in collaboration with the industry.”


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