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Address: Crossroads Furkata / A. Navoi streets,Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Kinnarps. Коллекция Crest


Crest assures a fine balance between openness and seclusion. Developed to work in public environments, it offers both protection from prying eyes but also encourages conversation and interaction. The back panel is a little higher than the back cushions to achieve this effect. How the different inner and outer covers are upholstered augments the feeling that one is sitting in the sofa and not on it. Crest’s various modules can be combined to create different furniture arrangements, ranging from conventional two- or three seater sofas to larger or irregular shapes. The frame is available in chrome or CbM* powder coating.

*CbM = dusty pink, rusty red, blue grey, green, white, grey, dark grey, black

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